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St. Augustine Cemetery, Bridgeport CT

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Closer inspection of Saint Augustine Cemetery with the 1934 Hale printouts in hand yielded several additional stones that were not visible. Given the proximity of one stone to another, one can sometimes determine the location where a stone grave marker should be (and used to be). The examples below show several such stones, as well as some before/during/after shots so you can appreciate just how buried these stone markers are in certain cases.

St. Augustine Cemetery — Hidden Stone Markers
This view shows several stone markers fallen and partially covered, but a careful eye
was also able to determine that another stone was completely covered by decades of growth.
Looking straight down, there is an area of dirt smaller than an average footprint.
Careful work with a probe, flat shovel, and soft broom yield a beautiful hidden stone marker.
This stone is more than 6-inches thick and was too heavy to stand without help.
This stone does not appear in the Hale records and was quite possibly buried in 1934
at the time the Hale project was conducted. Inscribed on this marker are:
Thomas Garry, Esq., died Sept. 10, 1880, Aged 70 yrs.
Maria, his wife, died Aug. 26, 1847, Aged 35 yrs.
Ann Jane Garry, daughter of Thomas Garry, beloved wife of James Donahue
died March 23, 1869, Aged 24 Yrs. & 6 D's
Another nearby stone which was partially in view, but also too heavy to place upright.
This stone was partially visible and had been knocked off its' base.
Although the face of the stone was relatively small, the thickness made it very heavy to manage.

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